Morgan Stanley Says These UK Top Replica Watches Brands Have The Highest Average Prices

If you’re into cheap replica watches as much as I am, you’ve no doubt seen the recent Morgan Stanley and LuxeConsult report into the Swiss watch industry’s top 50 companies for 2023. There were a few surprises: for instance, Swatch has cracked the top 20 for the first time off the back of strong MoonSwatch and Scuba Fifty Fathoms sales, while at the same time, Blancpain dropped out of the top 20, despite the Scuba Fifty Fathoms and their 70th anniversary Fifty Fathoms celebrations in 2023.

However, the top 7 brands haven’t changed position since last year’s report, and Rolex is, unsurprisingly, king of the hill – by a significant margin. It also reveals that Rolex sells well over 1.2 million high quality UK fake watches a year, meaning that they’re only hard to get because they’re so popular. Go figure.

But here’s the thing: everyone’s obsessed with each brand’s position in the top 20 as well as their production figures, but I’d argue that the most interesting stat is the average price per watch for some of these brands. Case in point: I’m not surprised that Swatch did well in 2023 as they sold almost 6 million perfect copy watches last year – I’m more curious about the brands that didn’t have to sell that many watches in order to crack the top 50.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of the most expensive watch brands Switzerland has to offer: a factor of how much money a brand makes divided by the number of best replica watches they’ve sold to come up with an average Swiss franc figure per watch.

Patek Philippe – CHF 39,990

The record for the most expensive watch sold at auction is 1:1 fake Patek Philippe watches, and fittingly, Patek has a pretty high average retail price per watch at CHF 39,990. The rectangular Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Quartz replica watches for sale is around CHF 14,400 while the exalted Grandmaster Chime retails for around CHF 3.4 million. Ooft.

Audemars Piguet – CHF 48,456

AAA 2024 Audemars Piguet replica watches was the best-performing of the Holy Trinity in 2023, with the Royal Oak still remaining as total unobtanium for most mere mortals. (When I was at Watches & Wonders in 2023, I asked the AD at the boutique in Geneva how long the waitlist for a Jumbo was, and he said 17 years. Jesus.) Prices for AP start at CHF 22,800 for the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 super clone watches wholesale in stainless steel and rocket up to CHF 1,450,000 for the Code 11.59 Ultra-Complication Universelle RD#4. Considering how divisive the Code 11.59 is, it might surprise some readers that a Code 11.59 represents the most expensive AP currently in production.

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