UK Luxury Fake Audemars Piguet Watches Take A Very Diplomatic Approach With Diamonds For The Girls And The Boys In 34, And 39MM

What We Know

This week Audemars Piguet unveiled its new fully pavé set Jumbo ultra-thin replica watches for sale in white gold. It also released a yellow sapphire on yellow gold version but I didn’t get a chance to peep that (still waiting to peep the rainbow set too, which at this point is likely never happening – sigh).

AP then did a very welcome and very democratic thing by releasing two additional Haute Joaillerie fake watches online in 34mm and 37mm both in pink or white gold, covered with various-sized brilliant-cut diamonds (this is called snowdrop setting in gem-speak).

The Jumbo is crafted in 18k white gold and decorated with 1,528 brilliant-cut diamonds and comes equipped with the caliber 7121.

The 34mm perfect replica watches also represent the first fully gem-set timepieces available in this diameter: The total jewel count of the watch pictured below stands at 2,255 brilliant-cut diamonds (~6.6k). That’s a lot of snowdrop set diamonds. Which means the watch is basically glowing in broad daylight. It comes equipped with the caliber 5809.

What We Think

A gem-set high quality copy watches from Le Brassus always feels like a special occasion. One of those events that has about zero relevance to my actual reality but is still spiritually important. Like a royal wedding, or, if we were living back in the 1900s, a high society debutante ball. Regal and shiny and fun to look at. A little beacon of hope for me to latch myself onto. 

Naturally, I tried both on and, naturally, my reaction was somewhere along the lines of “please don’t make me take this off my wrist.” I have a new identity and it’s all tied up in this Swiss made replica watches, like somebody who got upgraded to Business Class on a fluke and was never able to make the right turn back to coach ever again. I was massively affected.

Ok, so I know I said I hate rose gold, more than once. But I am full of contradictions. Plus what’s not to love about a watch covered in diamonds? You can barely see the metal anyway. And while I’m not really a pavé girl, I like pavé when done right. Or rhinestones (the poor man’s pavé – don’t hate) or anything that is covered in any shaped crystal or diamond. Now I can add snow-drop setting to my long list of jewel-incrusted obsessions along with Alaïa flats and tooth gems and Judith Lieber cell phone-shaped bags.

Juicy diamond setting aside, let’s crash back down to real analytics: My biggest takeaway from the press preview here in NYC a few weeks ago was just how well top Audemars Piguet replica watches is catering to the smaller wrist crowd. I am careful not to say these new novelties are women-focused, but a 34mm white ceramic, a 38mm Code, and now a 34mm pavé, sounds like they have been doing their market research

I would wear the 34mm AAA UK super clone watches if I were Hayley Bieber, Dolly Parton or Liberace (RIP) or Lil Uzi Vert. The gamut is wide.

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