UK Cheap Replica TAG Heuer S/el S25706C For Sale

Speaking of Ayrton Senna, some say he was the most naturally gifted driver ever to race F1. His talent was enough to make other drivers wonder if they were even competing in the same sport. Today’s model is his luxury fake TAG Heuer. The Brazilian pilot was an F1 champion three times, and won 41 races, along with 65 poles, before his life was cut short after a crash in 1994. He was leading the San Marino Grand Prix when he ran into a concrete barrier at over 190 miles per hour.

Senna’s perfect replica TAG Heuer partnership began during his days with McLaren, and continued through to the untimely end of his career. While at McLaren, Senna became the ambassador for the new 1:1 fake TAG Heuer S/el (Sports/Elegance) line of watches. Very much a product of their time, the S/el models have an unmistakable look, due largely to the sinuous integrated bracelet links, which to me resemble some type of alien vertebrae.

His Swiss made replica TAG Heuer UK of choice was the S25706C, featuring a leather strap and analogue/digital display. Some may say the S/el line is incredibly dated, but I find them utterly badass, and they’re the direct forebear of the Link series. In the ensuing years, best 1:1 fake TAG Heuer has released many tribute models to the Brazilian driver.

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