Snow-shaped Second Hand – Legendary Symbol Of Fine Replica Tudor Watches UK

As we all known, Tudor is the brother watch brand of Rolex. This watch brand is cheap and fine, but it seems to exist under the shadow of Rolex. When you see most editions of Tudor, you may think of Rolex. However, they have a big difference between their hands.

Famous Rolex has the famous Benz-shaped minute hands. What are Tudor’s hands look like? Tudor has snow-shaped second hands, which is the legendary symbol of this watch brand.

The sturdy fake watches are water resistant.

Waterproof Fake Tudor Submariner Watches

In 1969, the remarkable hands firstly appeared on the dials of the perfect fake Tudor Submariner watches.

In 1970s, the easy-to-read hands carried forward.

The elaborate copy watches have champagne dials.

Elaborate Copy Tudor Black Bay Watches

In 2012, exquisite watches copy Tudor Black Bay came out. Meanwhile, typical snow-shaped second hands came back in glory, which become the focuses of the watches. And since then, snow-shaped hands become the standard configuration of Black Bay.

In 2019, this year is the 50th anniversary of snow-shaped second hand. Tudor pushed out several superb replica watches Black Bay equipped with the legendary hands.