Patek Philippe Grand Complications Fake Men’s Watches UK With Blue Dials For Hot Sale

The blue colour is full of charm and easier to arouse many people’s feelings. Many watches use blue for dials, cases or straps. Some are bright and passionate, some are soft and profound. Patek Philippe uses blue for many models to present different feelings. The blue dials have three sub-dials with small hands and complicated scales are set for their grand complicated functions.

The noble Patek Philippe Grand Complication copy watches have 39mm white gold cases with domed and polished bezels. Their hour markers are clear Arabic numerals. And there are only hour and minute hands set in the center showing the time. The whole dials look neat and display time, date, day of a week, month and moon phase. So we can see their grand complicated functions are strong.

Patek Philippe replica watches with blue alligator straps are driven by Cal. 240Q, self-winding mechanical movements with 22k gold rotors and 27 jewels. The Swiss movements are composed of 275 parts. The power reserve is 38 to 48 hours. Their appearances look very decent and delicate, also carried with a little mysterious feelings. They can be a good accessory for male customers to match daily or formal looks.