Oris Williams Chronograph Replica Watch UK Show You Extreme Speed And Lightness

Inspired by the manufacture techniques of the racing cars, Oris began to adopt the carbon fiber to make its case. Here I will recommend the accurate fake Oris watch that uses the innovative material – carbon fiber.

Due to the carbon fiber, the whole model is very light.

Carbon Case Replica Oris Watch

The technology of carbon fiber is from the F1 Williams which has kept the partnership with Oris for 13 years already. The manufacturing materials of F1 racing cars need to have the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. The core components such as the outer frame of the car and the steering wheel are made of carbon fiber that is twice as strong as the steel but the weight is only its 1/5. The case of Oris Williams copy with black dial is only 7.2 grams – extremely light.

The integrated design of this Oris is cool and charming.

Black Rubber Strap Fake Oris Williams

For the crown, pushers, bezel and back are all made from titanium and coated with black DLC. That is another reason why the whole watch is so light.