The Distinctive Replica Watch UK That Perfectly Presented Karl Lagerfeld’s Fashionable Taste

In addition to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, there’s another watch Karl Lagerfeld ever wore perfectly presenting his good taste. It was neither Patek Philippe nor classic Rolex, so will it be the innovative Hublot Big Bang? No, to your surprise, it is Apple smart watch.

The timepiece is really a decorative accessory of Karl Lagerfeld.

Replica Apple Watch With Gold Bracelet

Recently, we found that Karl Lagerfeld usually wore the gold case copy Apple watch to attend some activities. It is distinctive as the case and bracelet have been made by the 18k gold which is quite different from the electronic product in our impression. It is more like a decorative accessory.

The Apple watch is different from other smart watches as it is made of 18K gold.

Charming Fake Apple Watch

It was said that the special fake watch was customized especially for celebrities by the watch brand. It was funny that Karl Lagerfeld didn’t seem to have used the watch too much, or even turned it on so the dial was always black. The destination he wore this watch was only to fit his clothes. It was only the decorative accessory.