Introducing Perfect UK Sale Replica Omega Speedmaster Last Man On The Moon

  • Swiss Made Fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XVII
  • Reference 311.
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Movement: Caliber 1861
  • Limited to 1972 pieces

Don’t click away just yet, hear me out! The best UK sale replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XVII 40th anniversary dates back to 2012, and is one of the most awkward-looking modern high-quality fake Omega Speedmaster watches. I never cared much for this one, but that completely changed when I saw someone wearing it during an event in Switzerland. It really is a prime example of a watch you need to see in the metal, and preferably on someone’s wrist. My colleague Gerard decided to also buy one not that long ago, and every time I see him wear it, I like it more and more. This watch commemorates the last Apollo mission in 1972, when astronaut Gene Cernan was the last man on the moon. Just before he stepped back onto the ladder of the lunar lander, he kneeled down and scribbled the initials of Tracy Dawn, his daughter, in the Moondust.

Her initials “TDC” are still there on the Moon’s surface, and will probably remain for centuries to come. Gene Cernan accompanied astronaut Harrison Schmith in the lunar module and astronaut Ron Evans remained Command Module. Ron Evans, by the way, was the astronaut who brought the first Swiss made replica Speedmaster Professional 145.022 with caliber 861 into space. The high-quality replica watches were used as timing equipment for an onboard project and was not actually worn on the wrist.

This AAA perfect replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XVII reference 311. was limited to 1972 pieces featuring the unmistakable dial. It is a sterling silver rendition of the Apollo XVII mission patch, with an outer minute track that helps provide an accurate reading of the time. Although there are some scales on the subdials, they don’t really provide a precise readout. All hands are black, giving enough contrast with the silver for legibility. The rest of the watch, other than the sapphire crystal, is identical to the then-current replica Moonwatch.

The replica Omega logo and Swiss made fake Omega Speedmaster Professional text are printed onto the inside of the crystal. The case back has a special engraving as well, which reads: “The Last Man on the Moon — December 14, 1972 — Apollo XVII 40th Anniversary Limited Edition”. This watch came in a special black box, with an Apollo 17 mission patch. The retail price of this replica watch back in 2012 was €5,380, which remains close to the average price of this fake watch in the pre-owned market.