A 1969 Patek Philippe White Gold Square Ref. 3555 And A 1960s Wittnauer Professional Chronograph Ref. 242T-Two Best Fake Watches UK

This week, I’m highlighting two models that are each unique in their own right. One is a simple, time-only watch from 1:1 perfect replica Patek Philippe, which sounds pretty standard. However, it has a strikingly uncommon square case – full disclosure, the moment I saw this watch come through the Shop, I was smitten. The second is a Wittnauer Professional Chronograph, a model I was unfamiliar with until it came across our desks. I can’t resist a good chronograph, and this one has a particularly cool atheistic and not so common decimal scale on the edge of the dial.

White Dial Fake Patek Philippe Watch

When you think of square watches, your might not immediately think of the brand Patek Philippe. That’s precisely why I think this piece we have in the Shop today is so special. The dial of this Patek has an incredibly unique finish that’s almost mirror-like in its reflective quality. Yet, this aesthetic choice doesn’t compromise the functionality. The combination of the black baton hands and hour markers provide the perfect level of contrast and create a clean, easy-to-read dial. To top it all off, our Reid strap in taupe really brings home the look. The leather keeps with the inherent dress watch quality of this time-only piece while the stitching gives it a more casual, everyday vibe. The contrast of these two elements perfectly mirrors the contrasting elements of the watch, as if the two were made for each other. See it for yourself in the online shop.

Black Dial Fake Wittnauer Watch

This next watch sits on the other end of the spectrum. The AAA quality fake Wittnauer Professional Chronograph hails from the era of the Space Race in the 1960s, and the design of this model certainly feels as if it was influenced by the cosmos. It features a soft, black dial with notably large cream-colored lume plots that create the illusion of celestial bodies floating in outer space. In addition, the engine turned chronograph subdials are each outlined by a glossy ring in a deeper black tone as if enveloped by the rings of a planet. I’m typically a big fan of a classic, three-register chronograph design, and I love Wittnauer’s unique spin on this particular iteration. Still, the icing on the cake of this model may very well be what’s under the hood. This chrono is powered by the legendary Valjoux 72 – the same caliber used in early Rolex Daytonas. All in all, this is a really special watch for the collector seeking a chronograph that will be an instant conversation piece. Head over to the website https://www.bwatches.xyz/ for a closer look.