Hysek New replica watches UK store

— A whole new kind of replica watches outlet from Hysek in Dubai.

Hysek Boutique Dubai

Reconciling all the various considerations involved in Hysek opening its Dubai outlet – its fourth – constituted a challenge for the brand: upholding its identity, asserting its distinctiveness, and adapting to local traditions, all within a single space.

In the event, Hysek has taken a decisive step in its international development with the new store, located at the heart of the Wafi Mall. The fully-independent Swiss manufacture has developed a unique store concept there – perfectly tailored to the needs of Dubai.

From the outset, the brand decided to focus on the theme of contrast, much beloved of both the brand and Dubai – the economic centre of the Arab world, and home to the very best in luxury. As a result, the Hysek store combines materials in a subtle interplay of opposites, setting off wood against concrete; light playing hide and seek with shade; glass and metal vying with each other. In the finest local tradition, the store’s vaulted ceiling depicts a star-studded sky, bright above a solid wood floor that makes excellent use of noble materials from the Swiss valleys. The expansive exhibition area comprises showcases rising up from the floor like islands – ultimately, these will house almost all the Hysek collections.

Rather than being enclosed by walls like a traditional store, the display is surrounded by huge glass panels that let in great swathes of light. In a tribute to the artistic tradition of Dubai, Hysek has placed broad wooden latticework panels (or mashrabiya) on these, simultaneously encircling and showcasing the store. This all-new concept will be bathed in soft light diffused from the sides of the venue, sculpted with pyramid shapes – each of whose edges will be individually backlit.